Sunday, January 6, 2013

MUST-TRY Recipe: Vegan BBQ Eggplant Tacos

My initial intention for this blog was to display my own original recipes.  However, I have discovered a recipe that was so delicious, that I had to share it!  If y'all like this, I can make this a reoccurring event.  :)

In my household, I am the cook.  "What would you like to eat?"  is a question that I throw at my husband more often than not.  I do this because I like to prepare ahead of time (Personally, I prefer to grocery shop throughout the week, only buying the items that I need for that evening's meal.  This way, I feel that I don't waste and food and the ingredients are "fresh."  When I was eating meat, sometimes I would forget about the meat that we had purchased and it would go bad before I could use it: $6-8 down the drain). 

Anyways, my husband proposed tacos for dinner one night.  Now, I would've just made them with a variety of mushrooms, but he happens to detest them (as much as I dislike lima beans.  Eck).  My Google search lead me to BBQ Eggplant Tacos by Veggie with a Cause.  The pictures looked amazing, the reviews were encouraging so I gave it a whirl.  OH. MY. GRACIOUS.  This dish encompasses everything that I love: hot and cold (termperature-wise), soft and crispy, savory and sweet.  I could feel my taste buds dance all about whenever I took a bite of these mouth-watering tacos.

I did make a few adjustments.  In lieu of fennel, I used a pre-made coleslaw mix and used the dressing in the recipe (not a fan of the licorice/anise flavor of fennel).  I also used thinly sliced fresh pineapple and avocado instead of the peach chutney (peaches aren't in season here).  Pair this meal with a beer or a glass of your favorite wine and you'll be as happy as a clam. 

Check our her site.  She has so many inspirational and delicious recipes to share.  Please remember to share your thoughts with her if you do decide to try it out.

Happy Eating, y'all!

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!! I will keep your blog on my radar and I look forward to watching it grow :-).